A Tribute

I am in love with a white-haired man.

This man has been at my side for over 43 years. In that time he has chalked up some noteworthy accomplishments. For over 35 years, he worked as a pharmacist five to six days (nights) a week. His job was both physically and mentally exhausting. In all those years, I estimate that he missed work no more than five days. Through his job, he gained the respect of thousands of people who relied on him to fill their prescriptions accurately and to give them reliable advice regarding the medications they took.

This man is a faithful Christian and has served in various capacities at church. He has taught literally hundreds of Bible classes to both children and adults. His knowledge of the Bible and his love for God and His people are widely known. Though he is a patient and kind man, he possesses the strength and courage of a leader.

This man was at my side during the births of our two children and he has stood faithfully as the head of his family throughout our marriage. Never have my children or I been abandoned or had to provide for ourselves. Our bills were paid, our home was kept in good repair, our cars ran well, our landscaping was neat, and every physical need was met by this man.

This man is God’s man. He has studied faithfully and lived out the principles of the Good Book. He has been 100% faithful to me, has loved and guided our children, has honored his parents, has served his church, and has set an example worthy of imitation.

This man is a spent man. His body is not as strong as it once was, his mind is not quite as sharp, his heart bears the scars of disappointments, but his spirit thrives. He is fighting the good fight. He will finish the course.

This man has a wife who feels blessed and honored to be making this life journey with him. He has children who respect him, grandchildren who have him wrapped around their little fingers, and friends who esteem him highly.

I am in love with a white-haired man.

26 thoughts on “A Tribute”

    1. Terri, I could say the very same thing to you. Among the few Godly men in the world today, you and I were blessed to marry two of them. Thanks for reading my posts, Terri!

  1. This is such a gift, not only to your white-haired man, but also to those children and grandchildren. May God richly bless you, and may He bless them through your example of a faithful, godly marriage!

    1. Rebekah, what a beautiful response to my post. Thank you for praying God’s blessing for my family and me. I pray that your marriage will be long and rich. (How do you find the time to respond to my posts and still take care of those eight beautiful children?)

  2. Beautiful Debbie, you have been so richly blessed. ( Probably because God knew what a Godly woman you were going to be. Dan could probably re-write this and fill in your name ).

  3. What a wonderful tribute to Dan. Too often we don’t say these things to the person we love while they are still alive. I count both of you as trusted friends that I admire.

    1. Karen, My good husband is a blessing I too often take for granted. You and I have been blessed to have such Godly men to lead our families.

      Thanks, Karen, for reading my posts and commenting.


  4. Amen on the blessed friends of such a man as this !!!!! Have you ever thought of talking to ” Hallmark ” if they run out of nice things to say ?

  5. My heart was truly touched, Debbie, when I read this. We don’t see you as often as we did in the earlier years of our marriages, and I feel a loss as such with our long geographical distance. But I do know that everything you said about your white haired man is true and the world is a better place because of Dan. I also know that you have been faithfully by Dan’s side through the years and have lovingly supported him in all ways. Such a beautiful tribute to your white haired man!

    1. Becky, Thank you for that beautiful comment. You and I are both blessed, as are our children and grandchildren, by having married such good men.

  6. Hey Debbie,
    What a blessing to be able to look back over the last 43 years and then to conclude with love and acknowledgement of your husband. I have been blessed by Dan’s teaching and his leadership through the years. I the love the lessons he did on the beatitudes and I still glean off his words of truth which came from the Bible. I praise and thank God that He allowed me to intertwine part of my life with yours. May God continue to bless you and Dan and your family.

    1. Sherry,

      What a beautiful response to my blog post. I am making sure my white-haired man sees it. He will appreciate it as much as I do!


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