Cheap Thrills

I do not pursue wealth and fame and all those other things the pagans run after.  Maybe that is because I have learned to celebrate tiny successes and happy surprises every day.

The following run-of-the-mill experiences always lift my spirits and make me smile.

  • Seeing my car’s fuel indicator sitting on “F” instead of on “E” because my husband filled the tank the last time he drove the car.
  • Thinking I was wrong about something and finding out I was actually right.
  • Calling a credit card’s toll-free number and hearing the recorded voice say, “Your current unpaid balance is zero dollars and zero cents.”
  • Completing and checking off the final item on my to-do list.
  • Finding that my checkbook balance agrees with the bank’s balance.
  • Sleeping on clean sheets.
  • Remembering to mail a birthday card on exactly the right date.
  • Locating whatever it is I’ve spent the last half hour searching for, usually my phone.
  • Giving myself liberty to abuse the English language. I enjoy violating the rule that says a preposition is a word you should never end a sentence with.
  • Walking into a store or restaurant and hearing a Neil Diamond song playing on the speaker.
  • Standing in a department store’s dressing room and saying to the sales assistant, “Please bring me these same jeans in a smaller size.”
  • Hearing a high-paid newscaster fumble with the use of the pronouns who and whom.
  • Discovering I am the youngest person in a room.
  • Experiencing merriment when I discover exactly the right word to use when constructing a sentence, as I did with the word merriment in this sentence.
  • Hearing my dentist say, as she unsnaps my bib, “Everything looks great. You’re outta here!”
  • Arriving at church early.
  • Finding a Dilly Bar in the freezer when I thought the grandkids had eaten all of them.
  • Pulling from my mailbox, along with bills, sales papers, and junk mail, an actual check. Even if the check is for less than $10, it is still a check.
  • Knowing the words to every song we sing during a church service.
  • Hearing James Taylor sing the word “lovely” and give it three syllables.
  • Handing a cashier the exact change, right down to the penny, when I make a purchase.
  • Realizing I can meet my deadline for posting a new blog by simply making a list of things that make me smile.



9 thoughts on “Cheap Thrills”

  1. Love this, Deb. I can especially relate to the one regarding ending sentences with prepositions. Ip
    I can remember how frustrated I was in college when I would ask where something was “at” and my roommate never passed up the opportunity to say, “behind the at”!

    1. Th-ank you.

      Going to see James Taylor this summer at Wrigley Field. Also going to see Neil Diamond in May. You’re probably too young to know who these guys are.

  2. I have always wondered “who” came up with the grammar rule of not ending a sentence in a proposition! I try so hard to do that right, sometimes flip-flopping the whole sentence around, or spinning my wheels for what seems like an eternity to just try to re-word the whole sentence. And the latest grammar change I’ve wondered about… “who” mandated the omission of the last comma in a series of nouns or adjectives before the conjunction? Now that’s just plain silly, frustrating, and aggravating! (Okay, see, I used that comma because I happen not to agree with “who” came up with that rule.) And why am I rambling on about grammar rules? Honestly, Debbie, I think I want to go get a dilly bar!

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