Dorcas Women

Acts 9:36 NIV–In Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha (in Greek her name is Dorcas); she was always doing good and helping the poor.

I know several women like Dorcas and want to tell you about one of them.

This Dorcas woman taught students in an elementary school for over 20 years. During that time she received many honors, for she was a compassionate yet challenging teacher.

It is no wonder she was honored. She was usually the first teacher to enter the school in the morning and the last to leave. Many Saturdays and Sunday afternoons she also was at school, preparing for her classes.

This busy woman also teaches Sunday school classes. She preps for hours to teach each class, decorates her classroom to represent the Bible stories she will tell, and invites her students to her house for parties.

In addition to caring for her family, spoiling her grandchildren, and spending entire days with her aging mother, this retired teacher searched out other ways to serve.

And that is when she met Sadie.

Sadie was an elderly, homebound woman who lived in a tiny apartment and owned literally nothing of value. She received her meals from Meals on Wheels and spent most of her time listening to tape-recorded sermons and gospel music.

The kind woman cleaned Sadie’s apartment every week; washed and braided Sadie’s long, thin hair; took her food and small gifts; and listened as the lonely old woman talked. Sadie craved conversation.

One day Sadie brought out an old dress the woman had never seen. It was well worn, even torn in places.

Sadie said, “I think this is the best dress I have to be put away in when the time comes.”

“Okay, Sadie,” said the woman, fingering the old dress. But she was thinking, You will not be put away in that old dress, Sadie.

A few weeks ago Sadie died. The woman grieved the loss of her good friend. She provided a nice dress for Sadie to be buried in and even went to the funeral home and braided Sadie’s hair. Then she spent several days cleaning her apartment.

“Who is this woman?” you ask.

I’m sorry. I can’t tell you. She asked me not to use her name.

I am honored to know this woman and others like her. They often do unglamorous work like helping old women bathe, washing their hair, and trimming their nails. And they do these good works with grace and kindness, preserving the dignity of the ones they serve.

Often no one else ever knows about it.


12 thoughts on “Dorcas Women”

  1. Debbie, what a beautiful example! She sounds like Wonder Woman to me. And true to character, I’m not surprised she doesn’t want to be named. Her life challenges me, but yet inspires. Thank you for highlighting this amazing Dorcas. (Though I think I prefer Tabitha!)

    1. Pearl, she is truly inspiring and miles ahead of me in her ministry of serving. But remember that you are also ministering to people’s needs when you share God’s truths, as you do so beautifully in your writings.

  2. Again you’ve captured the essence of godliness in this fine woman. An inspiration to me not to need to declare my good works to the world:)

    1. Joyce, I have trouble imagining you ever “declaring your good works to the world.” Also, I appreciate you and other members of the Heartland Christian Writing group for helping me fine tune my articles.

    1. Thank you, Seana, for reading and commenting. You are a gifted writer with a unique “voice” as Joyce calls it. Now that you have found your place in the writing market, share your faith freely with others. I am blessed when someone expresses my own feelings in fresh, inspiring ways. That is what you did in your “Three Words” piece.

  3. Thank you, Tabitha, for letting God use your time and efforts. I can see you are sacrificing your time and will to conform to His image. May God Bless You!

    1. Thank you, Terri. All of us have different gifts to offer to God for His use. I know you share freely your gifts of teaching, encouraging, and sharing God’s Word with all those in your world. You are a blessing to me and to many others!

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