Autumn Pleasures


Pumpkins and scarecrows

Corn stalks and hay

Leaves on the ground

‘Til winds sweep them away.



Cider and sunflowers

Jackets with hoods

Campfires and asters

Colorful woods.



Crispy cool mornings

Frost on the ground

Playgrounds abandoned

Squirrels abound.



Migrating birds and

Football to play

Your breath in the air

A harvest array.



Pools are all covered

Grills put away

The air is now filled with

A wood smoke bouquet.



Reruns on TV

Quilts on our beds

Knee socks and mittens

Scarves around heads.



Apples, persimmons

Thanksgiving buffet

Sunset comes sooner

To shorten the day.



Late fall brings frostbite

Hayrides and s’mores

Get out the board games

We’re staying indoors.



Winter looms large now

With cold winds and snow

So savor fall’s pleasures

Before they all go.


16 thoughts on “Autumn Pleasures”

    1. There is not one thing wrong with fall in Florida!! You may miss some of the fall colors, but you also miss the frost, cold winds, and dreary days! Enjoy the sunshine!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Linda. Fall is the “cozy” season. The thought of autumn makes me want to wrap up in a blanket, drink warm cocoa, and read a good book!

  1. Your writing skills, Debbie, know no bounds. Poetry! You are amazing. Your words so beautifully depict the mid-west autumn season–and mostly Colorado too!

    1. Pearl, I do my fair share of dreading winter too. My grandkids help me though because they think snow is wonderful. (That’s because they don’t have to shovel it or drive in it!)

  2. I so enjoy fall, the colors have been really beautiful this past week. We spent a couple of days driving the countryside and it was nice. So fun being retired.

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