‘Twas weeks before Christmas, December one,

The holiday season has really begun.

I drink some caffeine and roll up my sleeves,

While thinking of presents, stockings, and trees.


I go buy some candles, red, green, and gold,

New napkins, a tablecloth, nice to behold.

Some tinsel, some garland, a grand treetop star,

A red nose and antlers to put on my car.


Some gift wrap and ribbon and Scotch tape galore,

Fake snow for the windows, a wreath for the door.

I make up a menu and order a ham.

I’ll bake it and glaze it with raspberry jam.


I go buy a tree and put on some lights

To glow through the window on cold winter nights.

I shop for the grandkids, a bike and a dolly,

And candy for stockings, some gumdrops, by golly!


I’ll cook each one’s favorites: fudge, cookies, and pies,

Make a gingerbread house to dazzle their eyes.

Some yams and hot yeast rolls to warm each one’s soul,

A salad and, of course, green bean casserole.


I’ll spruce up the guest room and tidy the house,

Dry clean my best pantsuit and iron my new blouse.

I’ll turn on some carols, spray a scent of sweet pine.

I’ve checked off each task now, right down the line.


I wait for the phone call to say when they’ll come.

With anticipation, I happily hum.

I hear my phone ringing, I grab it and shout,

“Merry Christmas to everyone, hope you’re en route!”


My granddaughter laughs and says, “You are so funny.

Didn’t we tell you we’re down where it’s sunny?

Enough of cold weather and snow and reindeer.

We’re having a Disney World Christmas this year!”



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