When I was a kid, I didn’t spend much time looking for lost things. When I couldn’t find something, I just asked Mom where it was. She always knew.

Today I would have to include looking for lost items if I composed a list of how I spend most of my time: cleaning the house, running errands, preparing and cleaning up meals, and looking for lost things.

Top among the things I look for is my phone. Despite having had a cell phone for years, I still have not established an assigned resting place for it. Sometimes I want to attach a cord to the thing and fasten it to the wall.

Surely, a universal method for finding lost phones exists. If it doesn’t, here are some ideas that might work.

Remember those lamps that were turned on and off with a clap of the hands? What a waste of energy. No one forgets where the on/off button on a lamp is located. It never moves. Now having a phone that rings when I clap my hands? That would be useful.

When my hairdresser was cutting my hair last week, she asked whose music I like to listen to. I told her I love to listen to Neil Diamond. She turned her face away from me and toward a table and said, “Alexa, play Neil Diamond.” Instantly, the soft tones of Sweet Caroline filled the room.

That was handy, but how much more helpful it would be if I could ask, “Alexa, where is my phone?” and hear her respond with, “You left it in the car when you drove to the post office.” I would pay big money for a machine that could do that.

Or, why couldn’t the phone come with a “finder” programmed to locate the phone. I could walk through the house waving the finder in the air. Sooner or later, it would sense the presence of the phone and beep, kind of like using a remote-control device to find your car in a parking lot.

Oh, wait. Using this method, I would need a finder for the finder.

Or, why couldn’t a phone be programmed to beep every 15 minutes, like a grandfather clock that announces 9:00 o’clock, 9:15, 9:30, 9:45, 10:00 o’clock? Or it could flash a bright light at 15-minute intervals.

Or, it could be like one of those round, flat vacuum cleaners that randomly moves through the house all day. Upon entering the front door, I could simply drop the phone, which would then scoot from room to room. Sooner or later, our paths would cross, and I could snag it then.

I have considered tying some brightly colored object, like a beach towel, to my phone. Surely even on a quick survey of the house my eyes would spot that. But it would be unhandy to carry in my purse.

I’ve even thought about getting a second phone, so I could use it to call the number of the lost phone and make it ring. But then, I would be looking for two phones.

I never thought I would say this, but why can’t a phone be like a cranky baby? Every time I set it down, it would scream until I picked it up again.

I’m sure if I got online I could buy some fancy mechanism that would keep track of my phone for me. But I can’t do that today. I’ve lost my credit card.

I must have laid it down with my phone somewhere.

11 thoughts on “RING! RING!”

  1. You could be a millionaire if you solved this problem. I never know where my phone is. I try to keep it in my purse but then I don’t always hear it ringing which really annoys my family. No easy answer to this delimma.

  2. so relate to this. Someday someone will come up with a solution I;m sure. Just not in my lifetime

    1. I was lamenting this lost phone business to a friend of mine recently. She reached into her purse and pulled out her keyring. On it, among the keys, was a square, black piece of plastic. “I bought this,” she said. “It’s supposed to beep when it is near my phone.”

      She waved the plastic thing back and forth around her phone on the table in front of us. It did nothing. She tried several times. Nothing.

      “The only problem is,” she said, “it doesn’t work.”

  3. Debbie, if you ever hear of a solution to this problem, let me know–I need desperate help. Also for my sunglasses please!!!

    1. Oh, yes. Sunglasses too. Before we went on vacation last week I searched high and low for my sunglasses. I thought they were in my purse, but I searched and searched in there and didn’t find them. I went and bought a new pair.

      In the car on our way to Florida I reached inside my purse for a tissue, and pulled out my old sunglasses. I hate it when these things happen!

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