Last Sunday our daughter-in-law Jenny reached into my kitchen cabinet to get a sippy cup.

When she opened the cabinet doors, she was surprised to see this.

“Where are the sippy cups?” she asked.

“I reorganized my kitchen this week,” I said. “I was tired of looking at messy cabinets.”

Reorganizing is a fancy word that means moving a mess from one place to another. This is the sippy cups’ new home.

I am generally against messes, but sometimes messy is best.

How many times have you regretted cleaning a cluttered drawer? When it was messy, you could dig through it and find your hole puncher. After you clean it, who knows where the hole puncher is?

Ahhh, tidiness. But where did I put my hole puncher?

The messiest room in your house may also be the one that makes you happiest.

They say a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, and an empty desk is a sign of an empty mind.

If you don’t want to be called empty-headed, follow my example and embrace a cluttered workspace.

We all know you must make a mess before you can clean. I pulled this picture from my own files.

Messy, yes, but a sure sign of orderliness to come.

Messiness can be in the eye of the beholder. Picasso’s famous painting, Three Musicians, looks like a mess to me, but what do I know about art?

The best desserts are messy.

A kiss from a grandchild may be messy, but I never turn one down.

This ends my photo essay on messes.

But know this. I not only create and clean up messes. I AM a mess. That is why I need a Messiah!


18 thoughts on “MESSY: A PHOTO ESSAY”

  1. I did realized you took pictures of my messes. Love this especially the “Messiah”. Keep up the good work.

  2. Oh Debbie! You have here a woman who yearns for organization, but hates getting rid of all my memories. And let me tell you, there are way too many memories. I threw away the sippy cups last Christmas and now we find we’ll have a great granddaughter in January. Regret throwing away those memories. Thank you so much for telling such a special story so well.
    Janey Bowman

    1. Jane, Congratulations on the new great-grandbaby on the way! I have little piles of rocks, crumbled leaves, and wilted flowers in my house because they were “gifts” given to me by my grandchildren. Nothing replaces memories!

  3. You have won the Bravest Friend award by showing photos of your messes! They could have been photos of my messes, except I would never be so brave to share them. (I’m thinking I need to work hard this week on those messes so my Thanksgiving company doesn’t see them.) I love how you tied our messes to our need of a Messiah! I’m so glad you use your writing talent to point to our Redeemer.

  4. Amen! 🙂 I hate cleaning up and re-organizing only to wonder where in the heck did I put x, y, and z? So aggravating! Definitely in desperate need of our MESSiah. God Bless!

    1. Thank you! When I tackle a really big mess, like a closet, I usually am so tired halfway through the job that I wish I had never even started! Sometimes I find myself cleaning out desk drawers when I have dirty dishes waiting in the kitchen that need immediate attention. That’s probably WHY I’m cleaning desk drawers. It’s my avoidance tactic!

      1. Is it bad that I found myself cleaning the windows today instead of clearing off the shelf I was “supposed” to be doing because the thought was tiring? 😉

  5. Based on the number of sippy cups…
    a. No child in your home will ever be dehydrated, and…
    b. In the event of a sippy cup shortage/crisis/zombie apocalypse, you will be the best prepared of us all.

  6. When I consider my procrastination habits, organizing drawers and closets always floats to the top. But I tell myself, well, at least you have good intentions! I love the tie-in to our MESSiah–thank you, Debbie!

    1. Thank you, Becky. I have a friend who is a true minimalist. She has only enough clothes for one week in her closet, and only enough plates, cups, bowls, etc. for her and her husband. She has three pairs of shoes: tennis shoes, dressy flats, and snow boots. She says she never cooks so she has no pots and pans. I’ll bet her house is a breeze to clean!

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