Hawaii is beautiful.

Gorgeous when explored by land, sea, or air, it is one of God’s many masterpieces.

Wealthy people have homes (estates) here. Yesterday we saw a house owned by Julia Roberts.

Hawaiian sites were used in the filming of many well-known movies: Pirates of the Caribbean; Six Days, Seven Nights; Donovan’s Reef; Jurassic Park; The Descendants, and too many more to name. 

Things are expensive here. A glass of iced tea, had I chosen to drink one at a restaurant tonight, would have cost us $4.50.

Dan’s mediocre side salad cost $12.99.

Soft drinks and snack foods are about twice the price of the same items at home.

Gas prices hover around $4 a gallon.

All those things you probably already knew.

But you may be blind to lesser known facts about Hawaii. Allow this blonde to lead you through some of these.

  • You will need only casual clothes unless you’re going to a formal ceremony.
  • Leave early for every destination. Parking spaces (narrow) are hard to find.
  • Expect restaurants to offer outdoor seating only. Don’t count on air conditioning.
  • Wear “reef-safe, coral-friendly” sunscreen if you plan to swim in the ocean.
  • Don’t be surprised if events you booked months ago are cancelled after you arrive.
  • Keep your phones charged. Internet signal comes and goes as you drive.
  • Plan on getting wet. It once rained 59 inches in three hours here on Kauai.
  • Island stores offer few items. You may search for Crest but settle for Colgate.
  • Speed bumps abound.
  • Chickens roam everywhere, giving “free range” a whole new meaning.
  • It’s all about ecology here. Walmart provides no “free” bags. Think Aldi.

Visitors tend to be treated well because tourism drives Hawaii’s economy.

But there are exceptions to every rule.

Our restaurant hostess tonight had the personality of a Styrofoam cup.



  1. Troy and I visited Kauai a few years ago, so naturally I was wondering if you were seeing all of the free-range chickens. We felt like we experienced a brief farm life when we heard the roaming roosters cockle-doodle-doing EARLY in the morning! Enjoy the rest of your time there–it truly is beautiful. I hope your next vacation will be Colorado!

  2. Love this. A trip to Hawaii is on my bucket list. We only see and hear about the beautiful tourist stuff so your insight to everyday is refreshing. Still can’t wait to go.

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