I grew up in a rural area in the Ozarks.

My siblings and I knew our boundaries, and by today’s standards, they were wide.

I made multiple trips daily up the road to the general store my dad owned.

I walked to my Grandma and Grandpa Stephens’ house, which was about a mile away.

I made treks to the Bill Tyree Branch and to my friend Kay’s house.

Within those wide limits, my parents had placed specific restrictions.

I wasn’t to bother neighbors for a drink of water or the use of their bathrooms.

Since I was the oldest child of four, I was to look out for my younger siblings.

And I was never to go inside the house of Herbert and Peggy (not their real names), an old couple who lived in our community.

Herbert waved and said howdy from their front porch every time I walked past their house.

I helped Peggy pick her strawberries, because her old, bent back hurt.

One day as I walked past their house, Herbert called to me, “Come in for a while. I’ll let you play my organ.”

I loved getting a chance to play an organ.

My Aunt Freddie had one. I had spent hours pushing its knobs and pressing its keys. I had learned to play I Dropped My Dolly in the Dirt.

Aunt Freddie also had a hymnal, and I worked to learn to play Love Lifted Me and other hymns.

Anyway, when Herbert invited me inside to play his organ that day, I went with him.

I sat on the organ bench and played my Dolly song.

I don’t know how my mother knew I was inside that house.

I know only this.

Without knocking, Mom walked through Herbert and Peggy’s  door.

She stepped behind me, and with loving arms, she lifted me off the bench and took me home.

She rescued me from a child-molesting beast.

My mother’s actions reflect the message of the old hymn, Love Lifted Me.

The spiritual application of this story is hard to miss.

Out of great love for His children, God set limits for our protection.

I have crossed God’s boundaries many times and played into the hands of the greatest beast of all.

God knew I would.

So He sent One who, with loving and bloodied arms, would reach out and rescue me.

The old hymn speaks the truth.

 Love Lifted Me.

9 thoughts on “A GREAT RESCUE”

  1. I’m so thankful for God lifting us again and again from the miry clay. I’m thankful he provides caretakers who truly care for us with earthly hands. Your experience illustrates that perfectly well. Thank God for your mother!

  2. Sooo much truth here! I love your comparison between the love we received from our wonderful mom, and the great, unequaled love we continue to receive from Jesus. Great love surrounded us when we were small, and indeed still does! ❤️

    1. Thank you, Belva. My heart breaks for those who don’t have loving earthly parents. It breaks also for those who have no relationship with God, who loves them unconditionally and is waiting to rescue them.

  3. God lifts me all the time, Debbie. More times than I care to admit. But His arms always feel loving and I always feel grateful for the lift. Your story is such a good parallel to our heavenly Father and boundaries He has placed upon us for our own good.

  4. I played in that Bill Tyree branch, we carried water from it for our playhouse, to make mud pies decorated with poke berries. I never went in “that” house. Love your stories.

    1. Thanks so much, Jan. My sister Pam and I decorated mud cakes with pokeberries too. Those outdoor playhouses were so much fun! I wonder if little girls still build them.

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