Closer Through Distancing

A truth many of us have seen demonstrated in our lives is this: Anything God intends for good, Satan can make bad. Anything Satan intends for bad, God can make good.

This coronavirus plague is certainly badness at its worst. Yet, God has brought blessings from it.

People are checking on neighbors they barely know. Out of their abundance, folks are sharing with people who have needs.

Simple waves from porches hold special warmth for their recipients.

I find myself writing long, newsy emails to friends who received no more than smiley faces and virtual hugs from me before the virus.

Distancing has drawn us closer.

We need each other. We always have, but this sheltering-in-place has made that need more evident.

Maybe God is using the badness of this virus to bring some of His goodness out in us.

Listen and respond as God’s Spirit urges you during this unique time. Now, more than ever before, be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Allow this forced distancing to draw you closer to others.

6 thoughts on “Closer Through Distancing”

  1. I agree, Debbie. We need each other–that’s how God designed us. Like you, I have grown closer to so many others through “distancing”.

    1. Thank you, Becky. Praying that you and your family are safe and healthy. Good luck on your research and writing about your dad’s military experience!

  2. So very true. This reminds me of the song, “God has no hands but our hands…”. May each of us reach out our hands of encouragement, help, and love every day,, to God’s glory. ❤️

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