My mother possessed a great sense of humor.

In other posts, I have written funny things about her:

  • Her use of the mixed metaphor, “grabbing the mule by the horns.”
  • Her goofy antics (pushing through Wal-Mart a cart full of reduced-price tennis shoes, thinking she was navigating her own cart).
  • Her tumble down the little hill in her back yard when shooing a squirrel away from her flower bed.
  • Her kitchen snafus (forgetting to serve the dressing she made for Thanksgiving dinner, and failing to prebake a pie crust before pouring in the cream filling).

In all these situations, I didn’t laugh at my mother. I laughed with her. She could see the humor in her own mistakes.

One day she and I were discussing some random topic, and Mom said, “Well, Jesus taught (such and such) . . . and I think he was right.”

After a few seconds, we both started laughing.

Of course whatever Jesus taught was right. He doesn’t need our affirmation of His words.

At least, in my mother’s and my opinion, He doesn’t.

Not everyone, however, agrees.

Many people today are eager to explain away or completely disregard Jesus’ teachings.

They also claim God’s moral laws outlined in the Bible no longer apply.

The writings of the Gospels, according to them, are partly fiction.

The admonitions about righteous living found in the Epistles were only for people who lived in the Apostle Paul’s day, they say.

All people choose someone or something to be the authority for their lives.

My mother and I chose the Bible.

What have you chosen?

11 thoughts on “I THINK HE WAS RIGHT”

    1. Yes, Mimi, you would have liked my mother. Everyone did. I was blessed beyond words to have her. I’m happy to have you as a fellow “Bible-chooser.” Boy, does this world ever need more of them!! Thanks so much for commenting.!

    1. Yes, Becky. We are in absolute agreement on this. The “picking and choosing” and “adaptations” to God’s Word that we see people practicing today are hard for me to comprehend.

  1. I like hearing stories of your family and learning more about you! I hope Dan is recouping from his recent surgeries
    Take care and God bless you all

    1. Thank you, Diane. I’m honored to have you following my blog. Dan is recovering nicely, but slowly. I hope you and your family are well. I’m off FB now, so I won’t be seeing your postings. Tell your mother hi for us.

  2. Hi Debbie, I haven’t seen a blog post from you for a while and wondered if you are still writing. I’m at a season where I have more time to peruse WordPress and you were one of the first people I thought of.

    I hope you are well.

    Much love,

    Sharon xx

    1. I am well, Sharon, and posted a piece just yesterday. Actually, I have been anything BUT well, having had Influenza A and coughing my head off for three weeks. Remember that silly joke about “Where did you get that flu,” and you said, “I don’t know. I just opened the window and in flew Inza.”

      1. Ha ha. I’ve not heard that joke before. so sorry to hear you have been poorly, but looking at the date when you wrote this, it was a month two days ago. So, hopefully you have recovered and had a great Christmas. I shall check out that post. xxx

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