You may question my decision to post an article about hate during this season of love and grace and everything else that is good.

Please stay with me. I will get to the love and grace and everything else that is good part, but first allow me to discuss things I hate.

  • I hate it when dads scream hateful words at their kids in grocery stores, front yards, or anywhere else, but I must not hate the dads.
  • I hate it when the teenage girl sitting in front of me at church stands to sing, and her skirt barely covers her panties, but I must not hate the teenage girl, or the parents who “let that child walk out of the house dressed like that.”
  • I hate it when I’m told my prescription will be ready at 1:00 pm, and I, with a throbbing earache, drive to the pharmacy at 2:00 pm to pick it up and find it is not ready. I hate the delay, but I must not hate the pharmacist or the technicians who, for reasons I do not know, fail to have it ready.
  • I hate it when I see moms who are more focused on their phones than on their kids who are tugging at their shirts trying to tell them something, but I must not hate the moms.
  • I hate it when teachers and other leaders of kids play favorites, but I must not hate the teachers and other leaders of kids.
  • I hate it when my husband says something to me when I’m in another room of the house, and he KNOWS I can’t hear him, but I must not hate my husband.
  • I hate it when a store clerk or restaurant server addresses me as “sweetie, dearie, or honey,” (because I’m an OLD-er woman) but I must not hate the clerk or server.
  • I hate it when I hear people use God’s name irreverently, but I must not hate the people who do it.

You will notice I have not mentioned I hate it when referees and umpires make bad calls. That is because I don’t watch sports and wouldn’t know a bad call if it tripped me, grabbed my face mask, and poked me in the eye after the play was over.

I must, however, remind viewers who make disparaging comments during games that they may hate the calls, but they must not hate the umpires, referees, or even the players involved in the bad calls.

I also have not mentioned anything I hate about drivers with whom I share the road. That is because I am not an aggressive driver. Rarely am I in a hurry.

I don’t give a hoot about being the first car off the line when the light turns green. I am okay with a driver cutting me off in traffic, unless he or she endangers my life. If someone takes a parking space I planned to take, I just find a different space.

Allow me to say, though, if you hate it when you are on the receiving end of drivers’ rude behaviors, you are free to hate the behaviors, but not the drivers who exhibit them. You also must not hate me (an OLD-er driver) if I drive a bit under the speed limit and am not quick to turn right on red when no vehicles are impeding my turn.

Now to the part about love and grace and everything else that is good.

We must not hate anyone, because our perfect God never hates us, the people who commit offenses about as often as we blink our eyes. He always loves us and offers us grace.

And we must do the same.


My last post contained at least two spelling errors. I apologize. Though I am not one to place blame, please allow me to say, “It was all the fault of WordPress!”

(Pobody’s Nerfect)

9 thoughts on “I HATE IT!”

  1. If we are honest, many of us have been those people others view with disapproval at some point in our lives. I love this post, Debbie, and it serves as a wonderful reminder to self reflect and always remember the gift of God’s grace.

    1. Maggie, I love what you wrote about the importance of self reflecting and always remembering the gift of God’s grace. Your blog posts are blessings to me. You inspire me with both the quality and QUANTITY of your writing!!

      1. That is such a kind thing for you to say, Debbie. I am a huge fan of yours, too. I have been a lazy commenter lately I’m afraid. We are all fortunate to be a recipient of God’s grace. ❤️

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